Teachers are sadists
Sat Jul 30, 2016 05:38

Kyte pondered the question for half a beat. He was actually pretty sure he'd been talking metaphorically. He couldn't remember a time where he'd actually tried hitting his head.

"Dunno... Guess I did it so hard I don't remember. So, at least that's a painful memory I don't have to live with," he ad-libbed, following his train of thought down the funniest track he could think of. If he couldn't help Ben, perhaps he could at least make him laugh. Though that said, his own spoon wasn't looking in bad shape. Unfortunately, he had no idea how he'd really done that. Sometimes he just could.

  • Just awfulHippo, Sat Jul 30 05:21
    Ben stopped banging his head but left it on the table as he turned it just enough to look up at Kyte. "Did it ever help?"
    • Teachers are sadists — Kyte, Sat Jul 30 05:38
      • Ben smiled, not quite reaching a laugh, but bouyed enough to sit up properly again. "I hope you got that concussion treated, man."
        • I don't thin I have thoseKyte, Sat Jul 30 06:06
          Ben was vertical again. Kyte considered his job well done. Clowning had always been his back-up profession, for when he got too old to be a stunt-rider, but being funny out loud was different. He was ... more
          • My mom's a doctor Ben, Sat Jul 30 06:19
            Ben chuckled and nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine. The desk top is a little loose so it sounded way harder than I was actually hitting it." He thunked his spoon against it again in demonstration. "See? Barely ... more
            • There was the potential for a caveman skit. Or for some kind of 'your spoon rocks,' pun (amusing and affirming at the same time) but Kyte couldn't work out how to angle the conversation towards... more
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