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Studying hard
Sat Jul 30, 2016 05:53

Araceli gave Clark a vague smile and a mumbled 'Hello' as she deposited her large stack of books on the counter. She had made unsatisfactory progress on her essay and wasn't sure which of the volumes she'd need to finish.

Weeks two due from today.

She blinked slightly at Clark's muddled words but the meaning was clear enough. One thing, one thing which had gone very contrary to her etiquette tutors' teaching, that had been drilled into her at CASSMA was that it was the message that really mattered, not the neatness and tidiness of the delivery. It didn't matter if someone stammered. It didn't matter if you had to write it down because the words wouldn't come out. It didn't even matter if you missed your pleases and thank yous. So long as you got your message across. Clark though, hadn't been exposed to such schools of thought, and felt the need to correct himself.

"Words can be tricky sometimes," she whispered - partly because they were in the library and partly because it was hard to use her full voice for such a... controversial statement, one which came so close to admitting she had ever been anything but the perfectly eloquent human everyone had seen for the last few years - giving him a sympathetic smile. "Sleep well... Clark." Having been denied her own name for so long, she had come to realise that names could be powerful, even if they weren't powerful names in the sense she'd been taught, like Brockert, or Carey. It could be comforting to hear your own name. To know you were known by those around you.

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    Clark was better than he'd ever been about not crashing the second the clock struck 9pm (a quirk of his alien biology that puberty seemed to be negating, thankfully) but the last hour of his library... more
    • Studying hard — Araceli, Sat Jul 30 05:53
      • Good nightClark, Sat Jul 30 06:04
        "Yeah," he agreed when she whispered her reassurance, partly because words could get tricky sometimes and partly because he couldn't remember Araceli talking to him much before, and it was surprising ... more
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