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Whoa indeed
Sat Jul 30, 2016 06:03

"You missed it?" Jamie asked, with open mouthed incredulity. Although he quickly got over it, as Ben's next question was just the opportunity he'd been waiting for...

"So, I was marking Jake pretty closely - it doesn't matter how good you are if you're at one end of the pitch and the Snitch shows up by your rival's head, your done" he explained, lest Ben should think he'd been sticking by Teppenpaw's Seeker through lack of confidence. "But then I saw it. Glinting down about midway between us and the Chasers. But I couldn't look directly at it - gives the game away if you snap your head round suddenly. It's pretty tough to learn that kind of control because that's such a natural instinct. But I moved round, like I was stretching out a crick in my neck, just having a little, casual look around to get my eyes on it properly, make sure I was right. I was. But I still didn't want to give the game away to Jake, so I kept left, diving well at angle but watching it all the time out of the corner of my eye. I've worked a lot on my timing over the years," Jamie added, enjoying the rapt attention he imagined he had from someone as young and impressionable as Ben, "So I knew just the right second to turn, so sharply I nearly got whiplash, and snatch it right out of the air," he grinned.

"And now we get to play the final. Excitied?"

  • WhoaBen, Sat Jul 30 05:49
    A girl just hugged him! Ben stared after her for a moment before Jamie returned the congratulations and he shook himself back into the moment. "Thanks! I was busy watching the Quaffle when you did... more
    • Whoa indeed — Jamie, Sat Jul 30 06:03
      • Triple whoaBen, Sat Jul 30 06:11
        Ben listened in rapt attention, trying to imagine the play as it was described. "Sweet." He shifted his plate to his left hand and held up his right for a high five. "Yes! We are finally going to put ... more
        • Everything is awesomeJamie and Ingrid, Sat Jul 30 06:17
          Ben was the perfect audience, giving Jamie the attention he needed for the sweet moment of victory to feel truly complete. Not only had he won but he was popular for doing so. He high-fived Ben... more
          • Let's kick some hawk butt!Liliana Bannister, Sat Jul 30 14:39
            Liliana was so, so proud of her team! She had even grabbed Jamie Park in a bone crushing hug after the game, kissing his cheek in a moment of elation she now regretted since she was certain it only... more
            • That sounds like a plan!Joella Curtis, Sun Jul 31 01:44
              Joella had been close enough to Jamie to hear Sammy's first response to him (the lack of enthusiasm of which had surprised her immensely - maybe something was wrong with Sammy but seeing how well the ... more
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