So, surely she's too busy to notice your grades?
Sat Jul 30, 2016 06:24

There was the potential for a caveman skit. Or for some kind of 'your spoon rocks,' pun (amusing and affirming at the same time) but Kyte couldn't work out how to angle the conversation towards those, and timing was crucial to make anything funny.

"Yeah..." he nodded, as Ben pointed out that his spoon was still a long way from ready. "I mean... it looks great. If we can just somehow convince Professor Skies to just look at it, you'll probably pass.... Could you maybe tell her you accidentally made it red hot somehow in the process?"

  • My mom's a doctor Ben, Sat Jul 30 06:19
    Ben chuckled and nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine. The desk top is a little loose so it sounded way harder than I was actually hitting it." He thunked his spoon against it again in demonstration. "See? Barely ... more
    • So, surely she's too busy to notice your grades? — Kyte, Sat Jul 30 06:24
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