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Re: Attempting to make more friends
Sat Jul 30, 2016 12:12

Tucking into a nice spot of lunch, Tess felt happy. She'd had a great time at the girls' day with Nevaeh, Raine and Nat the other day, and felt like she was starting to finally make some close friends. Farrah choosing to sit next to her made her day even better. She knew the other girl from class, but unfortunately they'd never got to have a good conversation. However, that seemed to be about to change. "Hey Farrah," she greeted the other girl with a friendly smile. "How's it going?"

  • Attempting to make more friendsFarrah Welsh, Sat Jul 30 09:27
    Farrah hesitated at the door to the hall, looking around to see if she spotted anyone she was friendly with who might allow her to share a meal time with them. It had not been easy making friends... more
    • Re: Attempting to make more friends — Anonymous, Sat Jul 30 12:12
      • So far, so goodFarrah , Sat Jul 30 15:05
        Theresa Whittaker or Tess, as Farrah was certain she liked to be called, greeting her in a friendly manner, which she took to assume that it was ok to sit and eat with her. Tess was one of the older... more
        • "It's going pretty well," replied Tess cheerfully. "Although I have got a little more homework to do this evening than I'd like." She frowned at the thought. Whilst she was quite bright, Tess... more
          • Yes you did!Farrah , Sat Jul 30 17:10
            Farrah gave an over exasperated sigh when Tess brought up homework as she was in full agreement with the other girl's assessment. Farrah was an Aladren, so studying was ingrained into her very... more
            • And we agree on the weirdness!Tess, Sun Jul 31 02:22
              Tess laughed in a friendly way at Farrah's confusion, completely in agreement. "I think I heard my mum mention love potions once, but I can't really remember what she said about them. I don't even... more
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