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Madeleine Dautin
Does it flow ever?
Sat Jul 30, 2016 14:52

Madeleine had big plans for the day. She was behind in her language and music studies since Sonora was such a good place for exploring and because she was so tired from speaking English all day that when she did have the time to practise or study she was just too exhausted. But that day she was feeling rested enough that perhaps she could attempt a bit of playing.

So she gathered her music sheets together and grabbed a sweater to through over her thin blouse in case she got cold and set off to MARS, room 5. A cacophony of notes assaulted her ears as she went to open the door and she grimaced, wondering who it could possibly be that had made such a terrible racket. When she saw the bent over head she had to refrain from sighing. Of course it was Louis.

"No, it's quite alright," she said. Bastien may not have liked Louis for a variety of reasons and because of their alliance she also was not supposed to like him. But he was still a Valois and he was still her senior and so she still had to keep up appearances because she was a Dautin, after all. And Dautins had, if anything, perfect society manners. "You can continue with"

  • It's not flowing today (MARS 5)Louis Valois, Sat Jul 30 12:39
    Louis huffed in frustration as, for what seemed like the millionth time, he made a mistake. He crashed his hands down on the piano in frustration, creating a somewhat hideous sound. He'd picked up a... more
    • Does it flow ever? — Madeleine Dautin, Sat Jul 30 14:52
    • That's kind of the point, it doesn't have to.Tasha DuBois, Sat Jul 30 14:48
      Tasha carried her trumpet along with her, as she was going to the music room to practice. Along with trying different foods, it was her passion. However, once she arrived she noticed Louis Valois... more
      • It's reassuring you think so!Louis , Sat Jul 30 14:55
        Louis sighed, perhaps a little dramatically, which was hardly unusual for him. "You'd probably be doing anyone within earshot a favour, I'm playing awfully today." He made a face. "You know those... more
        • Glad I could help in some wayTasha, Sat Jul 30 15:07
          Tasha nodded. As a fellow musician, she understood having an off day. "Correct, but you can call me Tasha. Oh and it's a trumpet."
          • It flows sometimes, honest!Louis, Sat Jul 30 16:07
            Louis nodded, noting Tasha's name correction for future use. "That's cool," he replied, standing up from the piano stool and starting to gather his music together, several books and loose sheets... more
            • If you say so...Madeleine, Sun Jul 31 17:34
              Madeleine tucked her music older under her arm and nodded. The trumpet was not something she had ever thought of playing before and certainly not something that Maman would have liked. Too brash for... more
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