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I'm not the best at this
Sat Jul 30, 2016 15:11

Jax nodded along to what Jack was saying. Transfiguration was always trying to have them explain the why and how, but Potions typically just asked them to explain the effects of a potion or what would happen if someone stirred it the wrong way. It was definitely a lot less thought process for essay writing. The practical work could be considered equal though.

The sudden change in topic surprised Jax a little bit, but he answered without any hesitation, "Laila Kennedy." Most people knew they were friends, so it might not be a stretch to see then going together. "How about you?"

  • Let's see if we can do this.Jack Spencer, Sat Jul 30 14:34
    Jack joined his room-mate and brought out his books. Though he hadn't spoken much to Jax, sharing a room with him gave Jack some level of comfort. "I agree," said Jack. "Transfiguration essays are... more
    • I'm not the best at this — Jax, Sat Jul 30 15:11
      • Neither am I.Jack, Sat Jul 30 16:19
        Jack was surprised to hear that his room-mate was attending with Laila. Jax seemed like the quiet sort, and he wondered how Jax had gone about asking her. "She was in my group last year during the... more
        • Glad we have that in commonJax, Sat Jul 30 17:35
          Jax nodded. "I think everyone was grate ful when those things were over." Jax stated, giving Jack one of his usual smirks. His own team hadn't been bad and he usually found himself keeping watch on... more
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