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It flows sometimes, honest!
Sat Jul 30, 2016 16:07

Louis nodded, noting Tasha's name correction for future use. "That's cool," he replied, standing up from the piano stool and starting to gather his music together, several books and loose sheets being scattered around. "Have you been playing it long?"

He turned to Madeleine, who had also appeared. The music room seemed popular tonight. Louis hadn't really seen much of Madeleine recently, despite being in the same house. The only time he really spent any time with her was the wagon ride to Sonora, and neither she nor Sébastien had seemed particularly keen on conversing. He'd come to the conclusion that Sébastien wasn't particularly fond of him, but was hoping that Madeleine didn't see him in the same way. "In theory it was a song," he said. "Although it wasn't going quite as planned. In my defence I've only just started playing it, though!"

  • Glad I could help in some wayTasha, Sat Jul 30 15:07
    Tasha nodded. As a fellow musician, she understood having an off day. "Correct, but you can call me Tasha. Oh and it's a trumpet."
    • It flows sometimes, honest! — Louis, Sat Jul 30 16:07
      • If you say so...Madeleine, Sun Jul 31 17:34
        Madeleine tucked her music older under her arm and nodded. The trumpet was not something she had ever thought of playing before and certainly not something that Maman would have liked. Too brash for... more
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