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Neither am I.
Sat Jul 30, 2016 16:19

Jack was surprised to hear that his room-mate was attending with Laila. Jax seemed like the quiet sort, and he wondered how Jax had gone about asking her. "She was in my group last year during the challenges. I was so glad when those challenges were over." He only had terrible memories of his cousin and condescending 'leaders.'

"I'm going with Caelia Lucan. Her brother's dating my sister, but she and I have never spoken much. It'll be fun, I think. I've never attended a ball with my own date before."

There wasn't much else Jack could say on the topic, but he turned to the chapter in Potions they were supposed to be writing on. "How did you do brewing the Calming Draught last week?" he asked. "I got a couple points off because I don't think I put in enough moonstone." Chatting about studies or sports with his Aladren house-mates was one of Jack's favourite things to do these days.

  • I'm not the best at thisJax, Sat Jul 30 15:11
    Jax nodded along to what Jack was saying. Transfiguration was always trying to have them explain the why and how, but Potions typically just asked them to explain the effects of a potion or what... more
    • Neither am I. — Jack, Sat Jul 30 16:19
      • Glad we have that in commonJax, Sat Jul 30 17:35
        Jax nodded. "I think everyone was grate ful when those things were over." Jax stated, giving Jack one of his usual smirks. His own team hadn't been bad and he usually found himself keeping watch on... more
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