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Lily Spencer
Those are my favourite!
Sat Jul 30, 2016 16:35

Lily loved bright sunny days. They were perfect for climbing trees and romping around the gardens doing make-believe. Ever since the weather had turned nice, she'd spent every moment possible outside. Lily thought she'd like to live permanently in a tree house one day, but only in the summers and autumn.

Lily was skipping outside from the school when she saw one of her classmates lying on the bench. Feeling silly, she went and leant over her, pretending to be looking at an insect. "Hi," she said when Arianna finally acknowledged her. "There was an ant in your hair, but it leapt off," she said. She stood back and raised her arms, soaking in as much warmth as possible. "Are you tanning?"

  • Bright, sunny dayArianna Valenti, Sat Jul 30 12:23
    It was an especially warm and sunny weekend afternoon, so Arianna put on shorts and a tank top and headed out to the Gardens. She needed a break from the classes and clubs and purebloods of Sonora... more
    • Those are my favourite! — Lily Spencer, Sat Jul 30 16:35
      • AgreedArianna, Sat Jul 30 19:00
        "Oh," she said slowly, absent-mindedly checking her thick hair for more, gross bugs, "Well, thanks. Yeah, I definitely didn't want to do homework on a day like this." At least it had only been an... more
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