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Have some faith!
Sat Jul 30, 2016 17:04

Gia had never thought she could run a club by herself and not one that people would necessarily join, but with Sammy being involved, it was bound to be successful. She didn't want to step on Emmy's toes because the girl had definitely put the time and effort into her design club, do they would have to figure out a way to differentiate their club from her's.

She wasn't sure if Chuck would join because she wasn't sure of what his limits were, but the rest she was sure of. "It would be so fun doing something with you!" Gia exclaimed, jumping up and down before throwing her arms around Sammy for an excited hug.

  • I supposeSammy, Sat Jul 30 16:07
    "Yeah, of course," Sammy chuckled. "And we can make the others join it, so that's already enough for, like, half a club." Laila, Joella, and Chuck seemed to be the kind of people who were always up... more
    • Have some faith! — Gia, Sat Jul 30 17:04
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