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Yes you did!
Sat Jul 30, 2016 17:10

Farrah gave an over exasperated sigh when Tess brought up homework as she was in full agreement with the other girl's assessment. Farrah was an Aladren, so studying was ingrained into her very genetics, but that didn't mean that she had to enjoy doing it.

"Tell me about it." Farrah replied. "I wasn't sure what to do at first because all these potions seem to be really weird concoctions that I don't understand the need for them." Farrah explained. "Georgia was doing one that says it's a love potion but then it says it doesn't actually cause love, but obsession. Like, what? Why is this a thing? You know?"

  • "It's going pretty well," replied Tess cheerfully. "Although I have got a little more homework to do this evening than I'd like." She frowned at the thought. Whilst she was quite bright, Tess... more
    • Yes you did! — Farrah , Sat Jul 30 17:10
      • And we agree on the weirdness!Tess, Sun Jul 31 02:22
        Tess laughed in a friendly way at Farrah's confusion, completely in agreement. "I think I heard my mum mention love potions once, but I can't really remember what she said about them. I don't even... more
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