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We can get through this together.
Sat Jul 30, 2016 17:13

Aiden was great! He had a sense of humour and that was the most important quality a person could have, in Joella's perfectly valid opinion. Although that didn't mean she failed to appreciate his good looks either, of course (something she still found surprising because a few years ago she would never have believed she'd consider Aiden O'Neil as hot, as unkind as that might sound).

She laughed in response to his joking. "Oh yeah, something like that," she said with intentional nonchalance to go along with the joke, still grinning.

"So, besides all your exciting prefect adventures that I've unfortunately missed out on, what's new in the life of Aiden O'Neil?" Joella wasn't particularly close with Aiden but that didn't stop her from digging for gossip, and neither did the fact that she had generally found her female friends much more interested in this particular kind of chatter. She'd been away for a few days and felt she needed to catch up. "Or anyone for that matter. I'm not going to lie, I'm craving gossip right now."

  • Something that is surprisingly dullAiden O'Neil, Sat Jul 30 16:43
    Aiden stood waiting at the meet point for Joella Curtis to join him. Aiden knew her from classes and such but had never really spoken to her until they became Prefects and had to monitor the... more
    • We can get through this together. — Joella, Sat Jul 30 17:13
      • Will we be the new Wonder Twins?Aiden , Sat Jul 30 19:17
        The one thing that Aiden could say about Joella was that she wasn't nearly as stuffy as some Pureblood girls that he had met in his. He half wondered if that was a Pecari trait to have for Purebloods ... more
        • Joella smiled ruefully at what Aiden was saying. "That's fifth year for you I guess," she commented, believing that she could totally relate more than she probably did. "Oh yes, the ball," if he read ... more
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