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Jack Spencer
Sat Jul 30, 2016 17:30

Jack was walking towards the MARS water room with a book under his arm when he passed Alistair. He acknowledged him with a nod and was about to pass on. However, Alistair's invitation intrigued him. He paused. Johnson was playing for Crotalus, and it almost seemed traitorous to practise with him. However, it wasn't as though they were going to play against each other again this year.

Jack could never say no to Quidditch anyhow.

"Sure. Let me go grab my things and I'll meet you there." Jack waved and rushed off to the Aladren dorms. He grabbed his broom and changed into more comfortable exercise clothing before meeting Johnson again on the pitch.

When he got there, he rose up on his broom, and waved at Johnson. "Whenever you're ready," he said, suddenly excited to practise with someone other than his team-mates or family members.

  • Care to join? (tag: Jack Spencer)Alistair Johnson, Sat Jul 30 16:41
    Alistair could not make his team train as often as he did himself or whenever he did. Irrelevant of whether or not they would be willing to, it was unlikely that their schedules could allow for such... more
    • Always. — Jack Spencer, Sat Jul 30 17:30
      • Brilliant.Alistair Johnson , Sun Jul 31 01:54
        Alistair was glad that Jack agreed to his offer. He continued on to the pitch and did his warm up whilst he waited for Aladren to get his things and join him. "We could do a bit of passing first, and ... more
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