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Glad we have that in common
Sat Jul 30, 2016 17:35

Jax nodded. "I think everyone was grate ful when those things were over." Jax stated, giving Jack one of his usual smirks. His own team hadn't been bad and he usually found himself keeping watch on Raine because she had only been a first year and quite shy. His team had done fairly well too, but he hadn't been concerned about any of that.

Jax raised his eyebrow at the name that Jack dropped. He always thought of Caelia as one of those girls you could look at but never talk to. Her friend Kelseyville too. "Did you ask her or was it sort of mutually decided since your siblings are dating?" Jax asked, uncharacteristically for him. "I've never been to a ball, but I'm sure I'll hate it."

Jax finished up the last of his Transfiguration homework and set it aside to dry. "I did alright on it." He answered. Brewing was hard but considering how important one certain potion was to him and the difficulty it was to brew it, Jax brewed all his potions with accuracy. It was a slow process, but the end result was worth it. "How are you liking the new professors?" He asked.

  • Neither am I.Jack, Sat Jul 30 16:19
    Jack was surprised to hear that his room-mate was attending with Laila. Jax seemed like the quiet sort, and he wondered how Jax had gone about asking her. "She was in my group last year during the... more
    • Glad we have that in common — Jax, Sat Jul 30 17:35
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