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Sat Jul 30, 2016 17:36

Kira suppressed a sigh of disappointment. First because it was Alistair Johnson whom she was not nearly as impressed with as Caelia or Kelsey was or as impressed with as Alistair seemed to be with himself. Secondly, because the person who'd come over was not over here because they were interested in talking to her.

Still, Kira would never be rude to someone-partially because she knew it was unladylike and Alistair was from a good family and she'd have to endure endless lectures from Kelsey if she was rude to him and partially because she didn't think it was a nice thing to do in general. Besides, he was being perfectly polite right now, it was just that Alistair was usually the sort of person who left Kira on edge.

"Oh, no, it's fine. I don't need it open at all." Actually, she had wondered if she had accidentally closed it without meaning to in the first place.

  • Oh hello.Alistair Johnson, Sat Jul 30 16:06
    Alistair had headed to the library at the end of the day to select himself a stack of books that he might find useful for writing the latest essay that Professor Perrault had rather typically set for ... more
    • Hi — Kira, Sat Jul 30 17:36
      • Don't be too enthusiastic.Alistair, Sun Jul 31 01:19
        Alistair hadn't expected Kira to disagree with him closing the window and she didn't. From what he had gathered, she wasn't a particularly outgoing girl which surprised him but it was interesting and ... more
        • Enthusiasm isn't my thing lately.Kira, Sun Jul 31 16:56
          Kira was surprised when Alistair kept on speaking to her. She usually was surprised when someone did. "Play."
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