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Will we be the new Wonder Twins?
Sat Jul 30, 2016 19:17

The one thing that Aiden could say about Joella was that she wasn't nearly as stuffy as some Pureblood girls that he had met in his. He half wondered if that was a Pecari trait to have for Purebloods since Scarlett was also not stuffy like her twin and he assumed that meant that Diana wasn't either.

"With me?" Aiden's heart jumped a little. He hadn't even talked to Tobi and Liac about his mixed feelings towards Savannah and what implications her comments when he asked her to the ball meant. He didn't know Joella enough to talk to her about it. "Nothing really. Just studying CATS. Prefect duties are the only time I get to live anymore." He said wistfully.

"I don't know if I'm the right person to ask for gossip." Aiden said with a laugh. He really didn't pay all that much attention to other people's social lives unless they were his friends. "I think the only news that I hear these days is about who is going with who to the ball."

  • We can get through this together.Joella, Sat Jul 30 17:13
    Aiden was great! He had a sense of humour and that was the most important quality a person could have, in Joella's perfectly valid opinion. Although that didn't mean she failed to appreciate his good ... more
    • Will we be the new Wonder Twins? — Aiden , Sat Jul 30 19:17
      • Joella smiled ruefully at what Aiden was saying. "That's fifth year for you I guess," she commented, believing that she could totally relate more than she probably did. "Oh yes, the ball," if he read ... more
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