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Cassius Riker
I didn't know we could have dogs here! :O
Sun Jul 31, 2016 01:12

Cass had been intently studying a brilliant red flower, one that must have been non-native as he had practically zero idea what species it was, when he heard what was very distinctly dog-noises. He set his bag down in front of his specimen in order to not lose it and turned in the direction of the sound. Dog-noises were more often than not accompanied by a fluffy ball of happiness, which Cass was certainly not about to miss. Happily, his expectations were proven true by the panting german shepard. Cass’s happiness continued when he was invited to actually Pet! The! Dog!

“He’s such a beautiful puppy! What’s his name?” He said, kneeling in front of the dog and rubbing his shoulders gingerly. Cass mentally kicked himself for asking for the dogs’ name before asking for his owner’s. But at this point, oh well. There was a dog!

  • On a bench in the gardensNevaeh Reed, Sun Jul 31 00:53
    Nevaeh didn’t have much in the way of vision, but she had as much for other senses as everybody else. And currently, she was sensing that somebody was looking at her. “I know what this is,” she... more
    • I didn't know we could have dogs here! :O — Cassius Riker, Sun Jul 31 01:12
      • We can't :PNevaeh, Sun Jul 31 01:21
        “Scout!” she beamed happily. “He’s my service dog.” Nevaeh reached down and scratched his head. “He’s also very fluffy. I love him,” she laughed. “Yours is Cassius, right?” They were in the same year ... more
        • How'd you smuggle him in then?Cass, Sun Jul 31 01:32
          “Yeah, Cass is good enough though.” He booped Scout (such a cute name!) on the nose before looking up to properly say hello to his owner. He recognized her after a second as Nevaeh, another second... more
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