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We can't :P
Sun Jul 31, 2016 01:21

“Scout!” she beamed happily. “He’s my service dog.” Nevaeh reached down and scratched his head. “He’s also very fluffy. I love him,” she laughed.

“Yours is Cassius, right?” They were in the same year and House, but she didn’t think they’d ever really had a conversation before.

  • I didn't know we could have dogs here! :OCassius Riker, Sun Jul 31 01:12
    Cass had been intently studying a brilliant red flower, one that must have been non-native as he had practically zero idea what species it was, when he heard what was very distinctly dog-noises. He... more
    • We can't :P — Nevaeh, Sun Jul 31 01:21
      • How'd you smuggle him in then?Cass, Sun Jul 31 01:32
        “Yeah, Cass is good enough though.” He booped Scout (such a cute name!) on the nose before looking up to properly say hello to his owner. He recognized her after a second as Nevaeh, another second... more
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