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Oh good
Sun Jul 31, 2016 01:27

"Thanks!" he exclaimed. He didn't know Kyte very well, but he was twins with Raine, who was cool, and roommates with Ben, who was cool, and so must also be cool by association. It was pretty much scientific fact.

"Oh you know - turned the MARS sports room into a batting cage for a bit, went flying, luckily evaded all the homework," he listed as he piled more and more of the delicious cheesiness on his plate.

Kyte might be cool, but he was also a Pecari. And Gabe had been helping Ari train to beat Pecari. Gabe certainly didn't want to accidentally share out any information with the opposition. Ari may be an Aladren, and Gabe a Teppenpaw, but they were Valentis, and they had to stick together.

"How about you?"

  • Agreed!Kyte, Sat Jul 30 23:59
    Kyte was happily tucking into his dinner when Gabriel plopped down next to him, asking for the mac 'n' cheese. "Sure," he grinned, passing it over. His own plate was heaped high with it, with some... more
    • Oh good — Gabe, Sun Jul 31 01:27
      • Food is an easy subject to agree uponKyte, Sun Jul 31 01:38
        "Sounds fun," Kyte smiled, when Gabe said what he'd been up to. He guessed it made sense for Gabe to continue his sporty pursuits even though his team had been knocked out because... well, sporty... more
        • And the circus!Gabe, Sun Jul 31 01:56
          Gabe perked up at the word "circus". He had heard mention of that being kind of Kyte and Raine's thing, but he didn't know much else about it, and it sounded amazing! It was almost enough to distract ... more
          • Surprisingly soKyte, Sun Jul 31 03:39
            Kyte grinned at Gabe's enthusiasm. Raine had been so worried that they'd be picked on and called 'circus freaks,' but most people at Sonora seemed really cool. "I'm training to be a broom stunt... more
            • It would be weird if it wasn'tGabe, Sun Jul 31 08:24
              Stunt flying was a thing! Gabe's eyes widened - why had nobody told him about this? He guessed it was probably a good thing that he had focused on the fundamentals at first, but he was a second year... more
              • "Sure, the more the merrier," he grinned, eating a few more forkfuls of food. "I mean, it takes time to be able to do any of it, but there's sometimes tricks that look hard but are actually kind of... more
                • Are they delicious things?Gabe, Sun Jul 31 09:54
                  Gabe nodded seriously, rarely put off by hardwork. Well, outside of classwork, anyway. If he put half as much effort in his academics as he did his sports, Zia Patrizia thought he could actually be a ... more
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