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How'd you smuggle him in then?
Sun Jul 31, 2016 01:32

“Yeah, Cass is good enough though.” He booped Scout (such a cute name!) on the nose before looking up to properly say hello to his owner. He recognized her after a second as Nevaeh, another second year from Aladren. They probably hadn’t spoken before, a fact which Cass blamed on his own hyper focus and shyness. If a subject caught his attention, he’d be on it for hours, rain or shine, until he was finished with whatever he had decided to do with it. That combined with his utter awkwardness around other humans had made it a challenge to really make friends so far.

“He’s so well behaved. How long have you had him?”

  • We can't :PNevaeh, Sun Jul 31 01:21
    “Scout!” she beamed happily. “He’s my service dog.” Nevaeh reached down and scratched his head. “He’s also very fluffy. I love him,” she laughed. “Yours is Cassius, right?” They were in the same year ... more
    • How'd you smuggle him in then? — Cass, Sun Jul 31 01:32
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