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Joella Curtis
Sounds fun.
Sun Jul 31, 2016 01:33

Joella had a lot of work to be doing but before she could think about facing the dull Saturday ahead of her, she needed to go for a morning run.

She had to force herself out of bed and get dressed in her running clothes, feeling little motivation but by the time she got outside and fell into a rhythm she felt much fresher.

Having gone for a long run, she headed to the gardens afterwards as full cool down. She always liked to walk off properly after a run. The fifth year spotted her teammate Ingrid and she smiled in a friendly manner when the younger girl saw her too and spoke.

"I've actually just had a run," Joella admitted. "But hey, if you're walking, I'll join you while I cool down if you don't mind?"

  • Bored. Need walkies. Ingrid Wolsiethcrafte, Sat Jul 30 23:29
    Hour after hour of class. Hour after hour of homework... Ingrid hated being cramped up inside for so long. She was an energetic person and, whilst she didn't have any problems focussing for long... more
    • Sounds fun. — Joella Curtis , Sun Jul 31 01:33
      • But I wasn't just running Ingrid, Sun Jul 31 07:42
        Ingrid didn't manage to quite keep the look of incredulity off her face as Joella said she'd just had a run but would be glad of a walk too. Sure, Ingrid was an energetic person, but that was... more
        • Perhaps you should join me next time.Joella, Sun Jul 31 11:07
          Joella chuckled, first at the look on Ingrid's face but also at the suggestion that her running made her 'dedicated' when it was actually just one of many ways to put off studying for as long as... more
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