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Alistair Johnson
Sun Jul 31, 2016 01:54

Alistair was glad that Jack agreed to his offer. He continued on to the pitch and did his warm up whilst he waited for Aladren to get his things and join him.

"We could do a bit of passing first, and then shooting?" Alistair suggested, thinking he might not want to take this session too seriously and work on tactics or something important with one of his opponents. Passing and shooting were key skills of the Chaser position so didn't give much away but were still beneficial to practise.

He flew on with the quaffle under his arm and then passed it to Jack pretty soon. It was more or less a warm up activity, flying not too far from Jack so they could pass frequently as they flew up the pitch. It also worked on receiving the ball mid-flight as the plan was to keep travelling at the pace they started and not drop the quaffle.

  • Always.Jack Spencer, Sat Jul 30 17:30
    Jack was walking towards the MARS water room with a book under his arm when he passed Alistair. He acknowledged him with a nod and was about to pass on. However, Alistair's invitation intrigued him.... more
    • Brilliant. — Alistair Johnson , Sun Jul 31 01:54
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