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Some people think we're weirdos and throw things at us
Sun Jul 31, 2016 08:42

"Sure, the more the merrier," he grinned, eating a few more forkfuls of food. "I mean, it takes time to be able to do any of it, but there's sometimes tricks that look hard but are actually kind of easy, especially with juggling - once you've got the basics down." Even though Kyte was the dream-big, 'patience is a boring word' one of the twins, he'd grown up around this kind of lecture, which made it hard to talk about learning without some of that boring common sense coming through.

"Sure do, for generations and generations now, so Raine and I were born into it. Ever heard of Mr C's Magical Circus?" he asked, "It's ok if not," he added. He didn't want to seem like he was bragging about his family name, as he'd learnt in life that that was something the Wrong Sort of Pureblood did, and he didn't want to seem snobby to Gabe, who might have been Muggleborn - Kyte didn't really keep track, as it didn't matter to him. "We're a totally magical circus, although there's a lot of overlap with non-magical circus - you still have to be able to actually do your tricks, you can just add different kinds of flair."

  • It would be weird if it wasn'tGabe, Sun Jul 31 08:24
    Stunt flying was a thing! Gabe's eyes widened - why had nobody told him about this? He guessed it was probably a good thing that he had focused on the fundamentals at first, but he was a second year... more
    • Some people think we're weirdos and throw things at us — Kyte, Sun Jul 31 08:42
      • Are they delicious things?Gabe, Sun Jul 31 09:54
        Gabe nodded seriously, rarely put off by hardwork. Well, outside of classwork, anyway. If he put half as much effort in his academics as he did his sports, Zia Patrizia thought he could actually be a ... more
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