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Perhaps you should join me next time.
Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:07

Joella chuckled, first at the look on Ingrid's face but also at the suggestion that her running made her 'dedicated' when it was actually just one of many ways to put off studying for as long as possible.

"Not as much as I used to do," she replied easily, "mainly because Liliana has us on a much stricter schedule so there's not so much need." Joella was glad that Liliana saw the importance of her players being in shape and also knew enough to make sure that they were.

The Pecari shrugged - there were many things she liked to do in her spare time (keeping up her fitness was as much a hobby as a necessity) but she didn't want to be one of those people who seemed to think activities were for bragging about.

"Well I do a lot of running, that's my favourite thing," Joella told the younger Chaser. "But I also do more intense workouts to build up muscles, as well as skill-related training so that I'm covering all key areas of fitness that are useful in Quidditch." She hesitated before adding, "and I've recently picked up boxing."

"You climb? That sounds fun!" Joella commented with interest. When she was younger she had enjoyed scrambling up rock faces and trees but never thought about it much so it was rather cool that Ingrid did this kind of thing on a regular basis (and probably to greater heights). "What sort of things do you climb? Sorry," she grinned, almost sheepishly because of her apparent ignorance, "I don't know much about climbing."

  • But I wasn't just running Ingrid, Sun Jul 31 07:42
    Ingrid didn't manage to quite keep the look of incredulity off her face as Joella said she'd just had a run but would be glad of a walk too. Sure, Ingrid was an energetic person, but that was... more
    • Perhaps you should join me next time. — Joella, Sun Jul 31 11:07
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