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Tess Whittaker
Sounds like a shampoo advert!
Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:10

Tess had made a quick detour to the loo on the way to her next class, but hadn't expected to be ambushed by a classmate upon leaving the cubicle. "Hey Georgia," she said as she went to wash her hands, never having properly spoken to the girl but knowing her name from roll call at the beginning of each class. She liked to learn the names of the new students, not wanting to have to bother with introductions all the time.

"You all right?" she asked, letting Georgia decide if she meant the question as a conversation starter or as a serious concern. Tess had noticed Georgia crying in potions the other day. She wanted to find out what was wrong, partially due to curiosity but mainly because, if she could, she wanted to help. She hoped nobody had been bullying the younger girl. Tess had been lucky enough to escape much prejudice, but she knew not everyone looked upon muggleborns as favourably.

  • Tear freeGeorgia, Sat Jul 30 23:19
    Georgia ducked into the bathroom to check her eyes before heading to class. She'd got a letter that morning from her mom. It was the first time she'd seen a letter signed from just her mom instead of ... more
    • Sounds like a shampoo advert! — Tess Whittaker, Sun Jul 31 11:10
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