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Well that makes no sense
Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:16

Arianna's dark eyes narrowed - something was up. Sebastien, who had previously been so poised and pleasant, did not seem very composed today. The Aladren refused to believe that her initial assessment was off, mostly because she hated to admit when she was wrong.

But why was he being so strange? Did he know that she had been talking to Louis at Science Club? She couldn't see how. Anyway, none of the information Louis had shared seemed to be particularly sensitive, at least not in regards to the Crotalus first year. All she knew was that Louis's family was apparently important enough that other French purebloods had followed him across the world for school.

"No," she started off confidently, because she was never one to accept help, whatever the situation, before more cautiously adding, "I was thinking we could get it done a lot faster together, if you are up to forming complete sentences, that is." She had been joking about the last part, but not entirely. There was always the risk he had decided to suddenly become completely dumb and dull. She hoped that wasn't the case.

  • Sébastien in the library, panickingSébastien , Sun Jul 31 02:43
    Realising that it was Arianna Vakenti sitting next to him caused his smile to briefly be replaced by a look of confusion and panic, before he got hold of himself once more. It was Arianna Valenti! A... more
    • Well that makes no sense — Arianna, Sun Jul 31 11:16
      • I always make sense!Sébastien , Sun Jul 31 13:16
        Well, at least she hadn't accepted his offer of help. That would have been awkward and embarrassing, showing him up a little. However, working together wasn't exactly the best case scenario either.... more
        • Uh-huhArianna, Sun Jul 31 14:03
          Perhaps she had misremembered Sebastian being kind. Stranger things had happened. Like finding out she was a witch and being whisked away to Arizona, for instance.  "I believe in efficiency," she... more
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