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Abigail De La Garza
Thanks for the confidence boost!
Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:39

Abby usually wore her hair down but since she had plenty of time on her hands today she had decided to style herself two braids at the front, pulled together into a ponytail with the rest of her dark hair. She didn't often take the time to do braids because some were quite hard doing by herself and she didn't think Wu would be all that keen to help her (not because she was unhelpful but because she was still quite shy and Abby didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable by assuming any level of closeness just yet, even if they were roommates).

She was rather delighted, therefore, when Ginger Pierce actually noticed and complimented the efforts that she had made. "Thank you," Abby smiled appreciatively. Ginger was really a very lovely girl and accordingly popular too. She always looked nice but Abby wasn't sure whether to repay the compliment or not. "I'm not actually that great with braids and stuff so this is unusual for me," she added. "I swear some hairstyles require at least three hands!"

  • Chance encounter in the hallsGinger, Fri Jul 29 19:41
    Ginger meandered down the school corridors on a Sunday. She had nowhere particular to go and no rush to get there. She smiled at the people she passed, but stopped abruptly when she saw the next... more
    • Thanks for the confidence boost! — Abigail De La Garza, Sun Jul 31 11:39
      • You are very welcome!Ginger , Sun Jul 31 12:20
        "Some need four or five or more, I'm sure!" Ginger agreed laughing. During her first two years at Sonora, her go-to do of choice had been a pair of pigtail braids, but when she reached her teen... more
        • Abby was glad that Ginger, who appeared to have every aspect of life 100% sorted, still managed to relate to the difficulties of braiding one's own hair. "Of course you can use it," Abby beamed at... more
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