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I always make sense!
Sun Jul 31, 2016 13:16

Well, at least she hadn't accepted his offer of help. That would have been awkward and embarrassing, showing him up a little. However, working together wasn't exactly the best case scenario either. If Madeleine found out that he'd been working with the girl she'd decided not to like, especially after having been warned, she would be annoyed. And Bastien really didn't want Madeleine to be annoyed with him. That would be dangerous and impractical.

Still, he had been struggling with the work. If he agreed to Arianna's suggestion - purely to complete the task faster, of course - he'd do a lot better than he would alone. Not that he'd ever admit it.

"If you think you are up to it," he returned, smiling yet challenging her, "that isn't a half bad idea. Although surely an Aladren should have no trouble with getting work done?" He felt back on the right foot now, still slightly on edge incase Madeleine somehow found out, but with his decision he'd regained some control of the situation.

  • Well that makes no senseArianna, Sun Jul 31 11:16
    Arianna's dark eyes narrowed - something was up. Sebastien, who had previously been so poised and pleasant, did not seem very composed today. The Aladren refused to believe that her initial... more
    • I always make sense! — Sébastien , Sun Jul 31 13:16
      • Uh-huhArianna, Sun Jul 31 14:03
        Perhaps she had misremembered Sebastian being kind. Stranger things had happened. Like finding out she was a witch and being whisked away to Arizona, for instance.  "I believe in efficiency," she... more
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