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Sun Jul 31, 2016 14:03

Perhaps she had misremembered Sebastian being kind. Stranger things had happened. Like finding out she was a witch and being whisked away to Arizona, for instance. 

"I believe in efficiency," she said smoothly, matching his smile with one of her own. If it was a challenge he wanted, it was a challenge he would have. She wasn't sure what kind of game he was playing, but whatever it was, she had to win. In the choice between fight and flight, there had only ever been one answer for the New York native.

"So," she reached down to her tote for her notebook and textbook, "What have you gotten up to so far?" Once satisfied that she had all her needed supplies, she looked up, and tossed dark curls behind her shoulder.

"Or," she looked him right in the eye, smiling politely, "Have you just been waiting for me to swoop in and save the day this whole time?"

  • I always make sense!Sébastien , Sun Jul 31 13:16
    Well, at least she hadn't accepted his offer of help. That would have been awkward and embarrassing, showing him up a little. However, working together wasn't exactly the best case scenario either.... more
    • Uh-huh — Arianna, Sun Jul 31 14:03
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