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You probably don't need a boost but here's one..
Sun Jul 31, 2016 14:28

Abby was glad that Ginger, who appeared to have every aspect of life 100% sorted, still managed to relate to the difficulties of braiding one's own hair.

"Of course you can use it," Abby beamed at the older girl, even more flattered than before now that Ginger was saying she would actually like to wear her hair the same way. She didn't own the style after all but it was very nice of Ginger to ask her anyway.

"I'm sure you'd pull it off much better than I do," the third year added, not fishing for pity or more compliments from Ginger but honestly believing this to be the case. Even if Ginger was so confident and popular, it was probably still just as nice for her to receive compliments as it were for everyone else.

  • You are very welcome!Ginger , Sun Jul 31 12:20
    "Some need four or five or more, I'm sure!" Ginger agreed laughing. During her first two years at Sonora, her go-to do of choice had been a pair of pigtail braids, but when she reached her teen... more
    • You probably don't need a boost but here's one.. — Abby, Sun Jul 31 14:28
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