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Louis Valois
Sun Jul 31, 2016 16:07

Louis was just reading a rather interesting book on muggle space exploration (inspired by the recent science club stargazing) when Emmy spoke, and all thoughts of astronauts and magical non-magical space suits were forgotten.

"Me come visit you this summer?" he asked, checking that he had heard correctly. "Emmy, that is a marvellous idea! You know I'll have no plans other than skateboarding and pretending I'm interested in the Valois business." As much as he loved his muggle friends, spending time with them did not compare to actually going to stay with his meilleure amie. "Will your family be OK with it?"

  • Thinking of summer.Emilia-Louise Scott, Sun Jul 31 15:56
    Emmy-Lou had been best friends with Louis for a while now and she thought it about time that she invite him to stay with her at some point in the holidays. "What are you up to this summer?" Emmy... more
    • HYPE — Louis Valois, Sun Jul 31 16:07
      • Woohoo!Emmy-Lou, Sun Jul 31 16:19
        Emmy was pleased with Louis's enthusiasm and it showed in her face. "Of course," she beamed, "they'd love to meet you!" "Perhaps you should come and stay at the ranch," Emmy added on further... more
        • Ranch = riding?Louis, Sun Jul 31 16:43
          Lots of people to meet definitely sounded good to Louis. Based on what Emmy herself was like, he imagined that her home was full of fun and lively people - very different to the detached and busy... more
          • Of course! Lots and lots!Emmy-Lou, Sun Jul 31 16:51
            Emmy laughed when Louis started talking about riding. "Of course!" she assured him. "Honestly, you could never stay with the Fintocs and not get on a horse." That was their preferred method of travel ... more
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