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If you say so...
Sun Jul 31, 2016 17:34

Madeleine tucked her music older under her arm and nodded. The trumpet was not something she had ever thought of playing before and certainly not something that Maman would have liked. Too brash for Myrtille's delicate nerves or something along those lines. But Madeleine liked the shiny metal of the instrument and the loud, peculiar sounds it made.

She fretted for a moment--not only was she having a polite conversation with Louis Valois behind Bastien's back but she actually found his self-deprecating words amusing! This would not do at all... After all, it was his fault that Bastien was even at Sonora and, by transitive property, his fault that she was at Sonora instead of Beauxbatons with her beloved Léo!

"I've never heard it before," she said diplomatically instead, not wanting to have a rocky relationship with another member of the top-tier. Plus they were in the presence of Tasha DuBois who was another member of society and Madeleine really didn't want to give off any ideas to anyone who might seize the opportunity to upset the delicate balance of the top-tier families. The Valois and the Dautins had been at the top for as long as she or anyone could remember and Madeleine did not want to be the cause for the whole thing to come tumbling down. However, it wouldn't do either to welcome the Valois heir into friendly conversation with open arms lest Bastien hear about it.

  • It flows sometimes, honest!Louis, Sat Jul 30 16:07
    Louis nodded, noting Tasha's name correction for future use. "That's cool," he replied, standing up from the piano stool and starting to gather his music together, several books and loose sheets... more
    • If you say so... — Madeleine, Sun Jul 31 17:34
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