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Sammy Meeks, Pecari
Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?
Sat Nov 5, 2016 00:30

Sammy’s first impression of Professor Ammon was that the young gentleman before them was a realist. He understood how many of them had probably signed up for the easy O. Now, this was not something Sammy would do (it was totally something she would do, and did), but she appreciated how upfront about it he was. Still, she wasn’t quite sure what he could teach them that she hadn’t already lived for the first ten and a half years of her life. Not to brag, but the Pecari had basically seen it all.

Glossing over his hopefully a joke? about having a quiz, though, she found herself immediately intrigued. She had never really thought to compare herself to the witches and wizards portrayed by the culture into which she was born, although she couldn’t deny once or twice bragging to her brother about being “basically Gandalf.” Of course, he’d always retorted that maybe she’d just be the Wicked Witch instead. Which was fair enough.

Maybe that was sorta what the professor was getting at. He definitely touched on the way wizards were portrayed as being cool and wise but witches were nasty and mean. Sammy wasn’t a huge reader, but that theme seemed to be omnipresent in at least American media or whatever. It was pretty bold of him to actually discuss sexism in a room where some kids’ parents were probably already mad that the class was even being offered. Dude had balls. She appreciated that too.

When they were free to partner or group up to discuss, the fifth year finally had a chance to look around the classroom to see just who all had signed up for this class. (She’d been running late earlier due to a particularly distracting butterfly in the Gardens and had to sit in the first open seat.) Rather to her surprise, Wu Peizhi was in this class. She hadn’t expected the quiet little pureblood to willingly take a class about Muggles, but there she was across the way. Huh.

Anywho, Sammy decided not to push her luck and get up to either approach the Teppenpaw or locate her more present friends, like the Donovans or Laila. So she just smiled to a neighbor and commented on the magical Muggle representation she’d been contemplating. “What do you think about The Wizard of Oz?” she asked. “I’m debating either using the Wicked Witch or Glinda. One’s green, so that’s fun, but it might be nice to work with a more positive portrayal.”

  • Which witch is which?Professor Liam Ammon, Fri Nov 4 02:01
    Professor Liam Ammon. It still felt weird to say. Even stranger was hearing the Headmaster say it, though he’d omitted his first name at the opening feast. He knew he could potentially be biting off... more
    • I've got a Witch for you.Jax Donovan, Aladren, Sun Nov 6 16:39
      Jax had decided to take Muggle Studies to help him mix in better with the people back home. Shelly had always thought him strange because he didn’t really watch television so she had spent some time... more
    • Are you a good witch, or a bad witch? — Sammy Meeks, Pecari, Sat Nov 5 00:30
      • Um, neither?Ben Pierce , Thu Nov 10 11:49
        So Professor Ammon had him pegged already. Ben shifted a little guiltily in his seat, fully aware that the 'Easy O' was exactly why he was here. His folks would be happy to see him get consistent Os... more
        • You must be the Wizard!Sammy, Sat Nov 12 03:03
          “Venn diagram style. I like it,” Sammy nodded along. Ben Pierce was a fun kid, and she’d almost forgotten that they’d get to be in classes together this year, with him and his cohorts joining the... more
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