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Jax Donovan, Aladren
I've got a Witch for you.
Sun Nov 6, 2016 16:39

Jax had decided to take Muggle Studies to help him mix in better with the people back home. Shelly had always thought him strange because he didn’t really watch television so she had spent some time explaining shows to him and such (when they weren’t locking lips and generally being hormonal with one another). She had only taken it to be a language thing. He supposed being Foreign had its perks when it came down to it, but if he could take a class that helped him understand the Muggle world a little better than he saw no harm in taking it. It turned out that Gia had the same idea, so it was nice to see her face in the room when he entered.

He thought that for a lesson, it was actually quite interesting. He had noticed in some of the films that he had watched with Shelly that the world of magic and specifically the women within it were far more negatively viewed than those of men. He never got into any sort of philosophical discussion about it with Shelly as he didn’t think she had the sort of brain power for it (he did not find her stupid by any means, but she was limited with some of her knowledge since she found school boring and never went to it), but it was something that he had always found to be rather curious.

Now that he was hearing the history behind it, he supposed it did make sense. In the Muggle world, woman of all color and status were always viewed as inferior to their male counterparts. There were a few cultures that may see them as equal or superior, but where he lived and in Greece, that was not the case. Men were the rulers despite the change in time. It was no surprise that they also implied this into their literature regarding magical beings. It was really rather sad. He knew that in the Muggle world, most of the ‘witches’ they portrayed were evil in some way and, in fact, there was one in particular that he recalled watching in one of those long picture movie things that Shelly had him watch that really bothered him.

When they were sent off to start working on their project, Jax pulled out a new parchment and inked his quill. He was going to write about the movie ‘The Witch’ that he had watched. It was about a family that was cast out and forced to live in the outskirts of society. While in their new home, their baby was stolen by a ‘Witch’ who then killed the child and wiped the blood all over her body. It was quite twisted and in the end a group of naked witches levitated themselves while chanting. It was the strangest thing he had ever seen and so appalling to him as a Wizard. This was what the Muggles thought of them as? It was no wonder that they couldn’t reveal themselves to the world and be equals.

  • Which witch is which?Professor Liam Ammon, Fri Nov 4 02:01
    Professor Liam Ammon. It still felt weird to say. Even stranger was hearing the Headmaster say it, though he’d omitted his first name at the opening feast. He knew he could potentially be biting off... more
    • I've got a Witch for you. — Jax Donovan, Aladren, Sun Nov 6 16:39
    • Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?Sammy Meeks, Pecari, Sat Nov 5 00:30
      Sammy’s first impression of Professor Ammon was that the young gentleman before them was a realist. He understood how many of them had probably signed up for the easy O. Now, this was not something... more
      • Um, neither?Ben Pierce , Thu Nov 10 11:49
        So Professor Ammon had him pegged already. Ben shifted a little guiltily in his seat, fully aware that the 'Easy O' was exactly why he was here. His folks would be happy to see him get consistent Os... more
        • You must be the Wizard!Sammy, Sat Nov 12 03:03
          “Venn diagram style. I like it,” Sammy nodded along. Ben Pierce was a fun kid, and she’d almost forgotten that they’d get to be in classes together this year, with him and his cohorts joining the... more
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