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Ben Pierce
Um, neither?
Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:49

So Professor Ammon had him pegged already. Ben shifted a little guiltily in his seat, fully aware that the 'Easy O' was exactly why he was here. His folks would be happy to see him get consistent Os in a subject, and the fact that his maternal grandparents actually were muggle sociologists did give the subject some legitimacy and mom probably wouldn't just assume he was taking it to discuss his favorite sports teams or something (admittedly, that might not have been entirely absurd to assume if he hadn't already had Gabe as a friend, but that wasn't the point). The point was he should be able to make Mom proud of his grades for once by passing Muggle Studies with flying colors and not need to do a lot of extra work to keep them high, and looking around the classroom, he didn't think he was alone in this line of thinking.

And the professor knew it and acknowledged it.

And maybe it wouldn't be quite so easy as assumed if there was going to be a quiz on the very first day. Some professors were just tyrants. With a sigh, he got out his quill and some parchment and prepared to take notes. (He thought maybe he should have a pen and a notebook for this class, but trying to explain that to Dad had been too much effort - for a guy who earned a paycheck paid in dollars rather than galleons, Dad was still considered weird by all muggle standards.)

He tried to jot down relevant notes, but most of it sounded too obvious to bother writing down so by the time the main lecture ended, his parchment basically read, "Sexism bad," which, as the nephew of the DISCUSS co-founder, he already knew.

He had kind of gotten a start of a laugh out of picturing Aunt Bel as a green skinned hag, but then he'd choked on it and panicked that she'd find out and turn him into a frog for the entirety of the midterm break. Aunt Bel was vindictive like that. To be entirely honest, he really wouldn't put flying across the night sky on a broom, looking for children to eat and men to destroy terribly far past her.

He was mostly recovered from that scare by the time Sammy addressed him and Professor Ammon proved not to be a quiz giving tyrant after all. He hadn't quite pulled his thoughts together to come up with a pop culture witch himself yet, so he found himself nodding to Sammy's suggestion, "Yeah, Wizard of Oz is classic. And it might almost be easier to do both witches in it, so we can compare and contrast. I mean, it does have the good witch, so that's improvement, but it's pretty extreme on both sides. It still has the green hag on the one end and the perfect fairy godmother type on the other, but most witches, and people in general, aren't just good or bad, they're some of both, with both faults and good characteristics. I mean, my grandma turns me into a toad when I'm being too loud, so some of these stereotypes about evil witches actually have a basis in fact, but she doesn't go around turning strangers' kids into amphibians willy nilly because it makes her feel powerful. She's not evil. She just wants me to be quiet while jumping off her walls."

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    Sammy’s first impression of Professor Ammon was that the young gentleman before them was a realist. He understood how many of them had probably signed up for the easy O. Now, this was not something... more
    • Um, neither? — Ben Pierce , Thu Nov 10 11:49
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        “Venn diagram style. I like it,” Sammy nodded along. Ben Pierce was a fun kid, and she’d almost forgotten that they’d get to be in classes together this year, with him and his cohorts joining the... more
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