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You must be the Wizard!
Sat Nov 12, 2016 03:03

“Venn diagram style. I like it,” Sammy nodded along. Ben Pierce was a fun kid, and she’d almost forgotten that they’d get to be in classes together this year, with him and his cohorts joining the Intermediates the very same year in which she and hers prepared to depart from them. She liked Ben a lot, honestly, as she liked all of her teammates. (Well not the same way as all of them, as she liked one in vastly different ways than the others.) He’d just always seemed like such a kid--while they were only two years apart, being thirteen versus being eleven as they had when they’d met seemed like a huge difference--but here they were now, in the same class, even if it was just this year.

“Whoa, wait, back up!” she exclaimed immediately after he finished. “Your grandmother turns you into a toad?!” Sammy’s voice was more full of wonder than disgust or anything of the like; she was genuinely intrigued. “That sounds awesome! What’s it like?” You might think after four-plus years of magic these things would grow somewhat more dull, but not for Sammy. Every instance of new magic, something she hadn’t thought of or never experienced, was a whole new world to her. Although really, the Muggle world had never dulled for her, either. The fun thing about being an optimist was always finding new ways to be happy about the same things.

“Oh!” said Sammy abruptly, as a new thought struck her. “Actually, you know what’s way more cool and important than this lesson? Quidditch! I’m so hyped to be Beater buddies!” She raised her hand for the high-five and sat expectantly, patiently. Growing up an athlete, high-fives were a primary way to congratulate or celebrate, and that mentality had certainly not faded as she grew up. It was probably something that Gia and Jax at least had found weird about her in the beginning, but hopefully by now they were trained to a raised open hand. Ben, as a fellow athlete, would certainly require waaaaaaay less coaxing.

  • Um, neither?Ben Pierce , Thu Nov 10 11:49
    So Professor Ammon had him pegged already. Ben shifted a little guiltily in his seat, fully aware that the 'Easy O' was exactly why he was here. His folks would be happy to see him get consistent Os... more
    • You must be the Wizard! — Sammy, Sat Nov 12 03:03
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