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Professor Liam Ammon
New Zealand booth meeting
Thu Jan 5, 2017 15:44

As a new professor, Liam tried to be as involved with school functions as possible. He wanted to show his peers and students that he was invested in the school, so he showed up at Quidditch matches, offered up his classroom and knowledge whenever it was needed, and happily volunteered to supervise one of the fair booths. His selection initially had been Canada, having grown up there for a good chunk of his adolescence. Canada wasn't exactly culturally diverse enough however, so the Muggle studies professor would have to choose somewhere else.

He wasn't the most well traveled of people, so he didn't have much to draw off of. He also didn't speak any foreign languages, so that didn't help. Instead, his inspiration came from what was easily one of his top 5 movie franchises. It was probably a little lame to base a fair booth off of a country just because you liked a movie that was filmed there, but New Zealand had more to offer than just being Middle Earth. He was glad to see that at least a handful of students also agreed with him. That, or he had just assembled the makings of a Lord of the Rings fanclub at Sonora. Either way, Liam was pleased with himself, and was excited to hear what the students had in store for their booth. He sent out a message to each student who had signed up for his booth, and instructed them to meet him in his Muggle studies classroom.

Using the magic of the internet (a perk of being Muggle born), Professor Ammon had procured a few New Zealand based treats for the meeting. Jaffas, fish shaped chocolate covered marshmallows, pineapple lumps and perky nanas covered a table near the side of the room, and he'd rearranged the desks to form a circle. Once the entire group was present, Liam stood to welcome them.

“Thank you for coming! As you know, this meeting is to figure out what you guys want to do for the fair. Obviously our country is New Zealand, and I think it has some great potential. My job is to kind of oversee this operation, but I'm also here to offer my vast wisdom and guidance if necessary.” Liam said with a smile as he took up his usual position behind his desk and a stack of papers to be graded. “That being said, there are New Zealand themed snacks available for inspiration. I'm excited to see what you guys come up with, so, have at it.”

    • First Idea!Farrah Welsh, Sun Jan 8 13:22
      Farrah was nervous about her role in the New Zealand group for the fair. She had joined after Kellen convinced her and had been happy to find that Georgia had joined her too. It made her feel better... more
      • Seconding it.Arne Reinhardt, Sun Jan 8 19:09
        Despite his initial reluctance to participate in the fair, Arne was now fully committed to the New Zealand booth. He had spent time he’d never spent before in the library researching the country and... more
        • Expanding itClark Dill, Thu Jan 12 12:44
          Clark did not regret his booth choice for the Fair, as his research on the country over midterm had revealed some very interesting things about the country beyond the Lord of the Rings filming that... more
          • Making the best of it Kellen Mormont, Sat Jan 14 03:04
            Kellen was surprised that Farrah had been the first to speak, but was even more surprised to see how the older boys in their group reacted to her. He knew Farrah was brilliant and had great ideas,... more
            • Making a fool of it...Farrah, Wed Jan 18 20:43
              Farrah’s hazel eyes turned to look at one of the older boys who was not Clark and therefore had to be Arne Reinhardt (she was glad that there weren’t a whole lot of people in their group as only Arne ... more
              • Anything you can do, I can do betterGeorgia, Sat Jan 28 00:50
                Georgia was feeling excited and positive about the fair. Kellen had been nice about her joining their group, and it seemed to be good, and they were all going to do this together as friends. Her... more
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