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Farrah Welsh
First Idea!
Sun Jan 8, 2017 13:22

Farrah was nervous about her role in the New Zealand group for the fair. She had joined after Kellen convinced her and had been happy to find that Georgia had joined her too. It made her feel better knowing that her two best friends were also going to be a part of the group project because at least they wouldn’t laugh at her if she said or did something stupid. Or, so she hoped anyway.

Her parents had asked her about the project while she had been home for the holidays. They were surprised that she had joined in a group thing, but then again, they seemed generally surprised that she had joined lots of things (aside from Library Assistant and Science Club, those were two things they never questioned) since she wasn’t much for joining things. Her parents joked about the fact that she had chosen New Zealand (and it wasn’t her who had chosen it, but rather, Kellen, but that didn’t matter to them) and they had a family day of watching the Lord of the Rings movies so that she could see how beautiful the land was. She had seen the movies when she was younger, but hadn’t remembered much about them and hadn’t read the books yet. Now she could see why her parents enjoyed them.

Her father had asked about the others in her group other than Georgia and Kellen and he was surprised to find one name that registered to him. Dill. He had her if she knew whether or not Clark’s dad was Zack Dill, but Farrah had no idea. She took Science Club and Library duties with Clark, but she had never asked him about his family. Apparently her Aunt Zoey confirmed that Clark was in fact Zack Dill’s son. Now her dad wanted her to say hello to Zack through his son. Like things weren’t awkward enough for her? Ugh!

She put that mission to the side for a moment because she felt that just jumping right in and saying ‘Hey Clark, apparently our dads went to school together. Mine says hello and so does my Aunt Zo. I promised to pass the message along’ would have been a little strange. So instead, when she entered into the Muggle Studies classroom and took a seat. She smiled at the others who were already there and greeted her friends but otherwise sat quietly until Professor Ammon spoke. She perked up at the mention of snacks and wandered to the table to have herself one of the chocolate covered marshmallow fish things.

She waited a moment to figure out if she wanted to speak or anything but ultimately thought that if she didn’t speak up now, someone else might take her idea from her. “Um,” She started, her voice sounded small and shaky. She stood next to the desk she was sitting at to get everyone’s attention. “Um,” She said again, “My dad is a vet and he sometimes works on Magical pets, so I looked into Magical creatures that are native to New Zealand.” Farrah gained some momentum as she spoke allowing her small voice to grow with confidence.

“I couldn’t find any creatures other than the Antipodean Opaleye Dragon, but they do have plenty of non-magical animals there like the Kiwi, which most people have heard of. Or the Kea, which are one of the most intelligent birds in the world.” She advised, looking at the list she had written out. “Then there are the Hector’s dolphins which are the rarest dolphin and only found in New Zealand. And they have like seals and penguins and stuff.” Farrah paused and took a breath.

“But I also found that the Maori there have a lot of mythical creatures too and some of them have similar characteristics to magical creatures, but I don’t know if that means anything. Anyway, I figured I could, I don’t know, work with someone on the various creatures, non-magical, magical, and mythical. Unless, of course, someone else had other ideas of what they would like for us to do and this isn’t going to work with that?” Farrah said, some of her confidence dying out with that question.

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    • First Idea! — Farrah Welsh, Sun Jan 8 13:22
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