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Arne Reinhardt
Seconding it.
Sun Jan 8, 2017 19:09

Despite his initial reluctance to participate in the fair, Arne was now fully committed to the New Zealand booth. He had spent time he’d never spent before in the library researching the country and finding out what he could in order to do the best job he possibly could in reporting on the Māori people. He walked into the Muggle Studies room full of conviction, determined to do a good job and was happy when he saw that three of his group mates were second years which meant they weren’t likely to be bossing him around, leaving him to work on the Māori section of the project if that’s what he wanted.

He was also pleasantly surprised to see that Lauren Song was in his group and his old crush on her alighted anew and he made sure to sit next to the pretty Teppenpaw in the circle. One of the second year girls started them off by talking about the animal life in New Zealand and he found something not completely unpleasant surge in his stomach as she mentioned the Māoris. Come to think of his, Farrah Welsh was rather cute (which wasn’t creepy at all because they were two years apart and so were Lauren’s best friend and her boyfriend), and before he knew it, he was contributing to the conversation.

“I was thinking I’d like to work on the Māori people,” he said, nodding at Farrah. “Like Farrah said, they have a lot of interesting culture. I was thinking their history and how they fit into the grand scheme of Polynesia and the general Oceania region. How their mythical creatures fit in with magical creatures is a cool way to link that subject with Farrah’s idea so if she doesn’t mind I think it would be nice to look at the overlap together.

“Of course, anyone else is welcome to work on Māori culture and history with me too, but I know I definitely want to cover that in our booth as not a lot of people are aware of the various indigenous groups of the world and I think that’s looking at indigenous cultures is something that’s important and should have more focus on. And maybe we can even find some other creatures too,” he offered the younger girl.

He was sure New Zealand was the native home to more than just one magical creature, and if there were no endemic creatures to New Zealand then surely there were creatures native to other Polynesian islands which had migrated their way over to New Zealand that they could also talk about—it wasn’t the same thing as endemic for certain, but it was better to talk about some sort of Marquesan or Tahitian menehune than a redcap population that had somehow sprouted up in Auckland.

  • First Idea!Farrah Welsh, Sun Jan 8 13:22
    Farrah was nervous about her role in the New Zealand group for the fair. She had joined after Kellen convinced her and had been happy to find that Georgia had joined her too. It made her feel better... more
    • Seconding it. — Arne Reinhardt, Sun Jan 8 19:09
      • Expanding itClark Dill, Thu Jan 12 12:44
        Clark did not regret his booth choice for the Fair, as his research on the country over midterm had revealed some very interesting things about the country beyond the Lord of the Rings filming that... more
        • Making the best of it Kellen Mormont, Sat Jan 14 03:04
          Kellen was surprised that Farrah had been the first to speak, but was even more surprised to see how the older boys in their group reacted to her. He knew Farrah was brilliant and had great ideas,... more
          • Making a fool of it...Farrah, Wed Jan 18 20:43
            Farrah’s hazel eyes turned to look at one of the older boys who was not Clark and therefore had to be Arne Reinhardt (she was glad that there weren’t a whole lot of people in their group as only Arne ... more
            • Anything you can do, I can do betterGeorgia, Sat Jan 28 00:50
              Georgia was feeling excited and positive about the fair. Kellen had been nice about her joining their group, and it seemed to be good, and they were all going to do this together as friends. Her... more
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