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Clark Dill
Expanding it
Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:44

Clark did not regret his booth choice for the Fair, as his research on the country over midterm had revealed some very interesting things about the country beyond the Lord of the Rings filming that had initially drawn him to this group, but as he sat in the Muggle Studies classroom and looked at his booth partners, he couldn't help feeling a little bit . . . ancient and gigantic.

Three beginners, two intermediates, and him, the towering seventh year. Arne, at least, was a beater and not exactly small, but he was still only a fourth year so therefore fifteen at best, while Clark was now eighteen. Lauren as a fifth year could be as old as sixteen depending on birthday, so he wasn't grouped entirely with pre-pubescents, but he still felt acutely aware that he alone was legally an adult and the others . . . were not.

Fortunately, this sense of isolation lasted only until Farrah started talking. She was Aladren brethren and he smiled warmly at her as she detailed the results of her own pre-meeting research. Creatures were a good approach. Not the one he'd taken, but he could appreciate the valid interest in the unique forms of life on the far side of the planet.

Arne spoke next, also with a clear interest in the native people of the country. Clark nodded at him, too, glad the group had people already invested in the topics they could cover.

"I was also interested in the natural world of New Zealand," he picked up the thread of the convention from Arne, and smiling at Farrah as he referenced her creature focus, "but I was looking more at the geography and geology of the islands. There are volcanoes, glaciers, mountains, waterfalls," Clark dropped his voice and mumbled, "Hobbiton," he resumed his normal volume and continued, "caves, hot springs, and all kinds of amazing landscapes there. The whole country seems like a natural wonder from the pictures I saw."

He gave a nod to Arne as well, not wanting him to feel his idea was marginalized, because he'd seen things quite fascinating about the Maori people while looking at some of the locations highlighted by Google. Several of the national parks boasted Maori sites in them. "From what I read, it sounds like the Maori were pretty instrumental in protecting some of those places from European development. I'd definitely be interested in learning more about them."

"Were we thinking of working in pairs or trios, or did we want to each pick a topic like creatures, Maori, geography, or whatever, and then find some interesting overlaps between each of the areas and focus on those? Like, just as an example, we could have something on the first national park," he said, waving a hand between himself and Arne, "which started as the Maori protecting three of their sacred volcanoes, and another thing," he moved his hand waving to bounce between Arne and Farrah, "about the mythical creatures in their folklore, and another thing," he pointed his finger back and forth between himself and Farrah, "about the valleys where the Antipodean Opaleye Dragon lives. Then we could find overlaps with whatever strikes the fancy of you guys, too," he finished, moving his hand finally to make a circular inclusive motion toward the three who hadn't spoken up yet. "Then we can each work on something smaller with everone instead of something big with just one or two others. It'll cover more ground, too, probably, letting our booth show a larger swath of the country, but it might be a bit more complicated and time consuming that way, so whatever people think would be better and we all have time for."

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