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Professor Liam Ammon
Behold! The culinary masterpiece known as the Hot Pocket!
Sat Jan 14, 2017 02:14

It only took half a term, but Liam was finally starting to feel like a real professor, instead of a student teacher. Lesson planning, grading, office hours, and trying to balance some sort of social life had taken some getting used to, but he was definitely feeling more confident. The Muggle Studies professor took it as a sign that it was probably ok to ease up a bit on the lecturing and throw something a little different at his students. Liam, while happily attached romantically, still lived the life of a bachelor in many ways. Aria lived in a magical community in New Mexico, and while they visited each other often, they hadn’t taken the leap towards moving in together yet. This meant that Liam was responsible for all his own cooking. In the community, they had people who were specifically cooks, and they were great at it as far as Liam was concerned. His cooking, however, left much to be desired.

He wasn’t a complicated man when it came to food. Chances are, if he was offered it, Liam would eat it indiscriminately. His culinary stylings tended to be centered around convenience above anything else. Were it not for working out, Liam had no doubt that he would be a much larger man than he was currently. His love of food was the inspiration for the day's lesson. The intermediate class was in the morning, during breakfast time, so he’d made sure to request that his students not eat a heavy meal that particular morning.

Liam had arranged for several generators to be delivered to his classroom, as well as a row of microwaves. He imagined that for many of his students, this class was going to be a bit mundane and silly, but he didn’t care. He sat on the edge of his desk until everyone arrived and was settled.

“Welcome class! You will notice a bit of a change to the room today.” He started pointing out the microwaves and the generators powering them. “For those of you unfamiliar with these appliances, these are microwaves. A microwave is a fast way to heat food and beverages. It does this by using micro waves of energy to move the water molecules in said foodstuffs. As the molecules move, heat is generated, and voila! Things are cooked, or reheated, depending on the situation. While these are really interesting appliances, today’s lesson is focused less on the technology behind the microwave, and more on it’s uses. You see, Muggles have an entire genre of food that is largely meant to be cooked in the microwave.”

Professor Ammon pushed himself up from his desk and crossed the room to an assortment of food products on a table near the microwaves. “There are many different things to choose from, and you’ll find something for any meal. For breakfast, you have Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches and Aunt Jemima scramble bowls. Frozen burritos, EZ Mac, and cups of soup for lunch. Totino’s pizza rolls and bagel bites for a snack, and a Hungry Man microwave dinner for, well, dinner. If you are not a hungry man, there are also a wide variety of other dinners, including Kid’s Cuisine chicken nuggets or Stouffer's lasagna. We have Lean Cuisines for those watching their figures, and then, finally, the creme de la creme. The Hot Pocket.” Liam paused and removed a pizza Hot Pocket from the box and removed the wrapper before slipping the pastry into it’s cooking sleeve. He popped it into one of the microwaves and set it for two minutes. “Some people have taken to making cakes and cookies inside of mugs in the microwave. This is a little more ambitious than I wanted to be for this lesson, so we have Betty Crocker’s Warm delights instead. Hot fudge brownies, fudgy chocolate chip cookies, and cinnamon swirl cake to be exact.” The microwave beeped, and Liam removed his food carefully, placing it on a paper plate that he’d grabbed off of the table.

“Basically, your assignment today is to sample this high quality Muggle cuisine. Instructions are on located on the packaging, but if you have any questions, or haven’t used a microwave before, feel free to ask for help. You’ll find everything you might need on this table, I hope. Enjoy!” He said with a grin before taking a bite of his Hot Pocket. Liam immediately regretted his decision as the hot melted cheese burnt his tongue.

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