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Tess Whittaker and Laila Kennedy
Kiss me, I'm the chef baker! (Baking club)
Tue Jan 17, 2017 16:30 (XFF:,

One of Tess’s aims that year had been to get more involved in Sonora life, and baking club was definitely a great way to do that. She and Laila had been the only two to put themselves forward to take over from Atlas at the end of last year and, when the older boy had suggested they work together, Tess had been more than happy to agree. Taking on a club was a big endeavour, and she was glad she had Laila to share the work with. She had previously known the Crotalus a little bit, as they had been in the same class before, but as co-hosts they had become better friends, or so Tess liked to think. It was always great to make more friends, so that was yet another reason to enjoy baking club.

Tess wasn’t the most sophisticated of bakers, but she had always liked helping her grandparents and her parents around the house. Anything sweet was her favourite to make, and she was always up for trying out new recipes.

For this meeting, Laila had suggested that they go with a Valentine’s Day theme, to fit the time of year. Making chocolate hearts seemed like a fun idea, and was sufficiently different to anything they had tried before. The recipe was fairly simple, but could be jazzed up with fillings and fancy decorations. Laila and Tess had decided to give the group a basic guideline, but also given suggestions and tips along the way so everyone could personalise their hearts according to taste (or according to someone else’s taste...).

The basic ingredients were all provided, along with all manner of weird and wonderful filling options, icing and lots of food colouring, and edible glitter. They had also managed to source some cute heart-shaped moulds. Laila really enjoyed working with Tess and thought the younger girl to be really sweet and fun. It was nice going to a school where everyone was so nice to each other, Laila thought, in that very Teppenpaw manner she sometimes had, and so felt like it was okay to suggest they dress up in Valentine’s colors for the holiday-themed club meeting if that was something Tess thought would be fun. If the school didn’t have such nice people, she probably wouldn’t have suggested it, as Laila didn’t like to be the odd one out.

“Welcome to Baking Club!” Laila said with a large smile once the five minute grace period for late arrivals meant they could start the meeting. She had tied her brown curls back with a Crotalus red ribbon but had unfortunately neglected to use a proper hair tie as well and so knew that the smaller bits would probably be falling out before long. She was also wearing the same dark, wine-colored dress she’d worn to Abby’s birthday party. In addition to the gold cross she wore daily, Laila had also put on a necklace that her aunt had made her, a small, flat gold circle with a heart stamped into it. She had asked Gia if she could borrow some eyeliner and drew a tiny little heart on the upper corner of her cheek just under her left eye like one of her favorite singers had. She thought she looked quite festive.

Tess had immediately been enthusiastic about their theme, choosing to wear a light grey jumper patterned with red and pink hearts along with her favourite red skirt, and a little silver heart necklace. Hearts were, after all, the obvious choice for Valentine’s Day!

The two took it in turns to talk everyone through the recipe, although they had provided paper copies in case anyone wanted to keep the instructions. After they’d chilled the chocolate shell, the girls directed their group towards the fillings, encouraging everyone to experiment with all the options.

OOC: Go wild on your fillings, and here’s a recipe in case you want more of an idea of how exactly they’re making the chocolate hearts:

The singer Laila is referencing is Marina and the Diamonds.

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