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Gia Donovan, Pecari
What is this mess???
Wed Jan 18, 2017 20:02

Gia had decided to take Muggle Studies not because she thought it was an easy class, but rather, a bit of the opposite. Gia lived in the Muggle world and had since she was nine but she had no idea about anything to do with the world. She and her family mimicked a lot of what they saw outside and seemed to get by as being the ‘Foreigners’ so that people wouldn’t find their confusion to off putting. She did not know how long she would be stuck in the Muggle World and felt that the only way she was coming to accumulate knowledge of this world that she was trapped in was by taking these classes.

Walking into the classroom, Gia eyed the items on the tables wearily and took her usual seat. She enjoyed Professor Ammon because he seemed to be so enthusiastic about his lessons (even if they were a bit dull with lecture) and Gia appreciated enthusiasm. If a professor really seemed to love their subject, it was infectious. Gia felt that was probably why she enjoyed Potions. Professor O’Malley always seemed so happy.

Gia pulled out her parchment and set it in front of her along with her quill and ink. She would have preferred self-inking but those were expensive and her last one died out a couple of weeks ago. She hadn’t the heart to write to her Mana to ask for another one. So, instead, she found an old quill and borrowed some ink from one of her friends so that she could keep her notes up to date.

She had seen microwaves before in some of the homes that she visited with Muggle friends, but never knew what they were and never asked because she knew she would look strange if she did. But she felt better now having a name for it and a reason of its existence. They had a television that they only ever plugged in when Sammy was staying over and a refrigerator that they did not use. Those things they only had for looks in case their landlord decided to pay them a visit.

Standing up, Gia looked around at the different options of food. Americans had strange tastes in food that she never quite took to (she made most of the meals at home and they were mostly of Greek Origin rather than anything else). Jax seemed to be able to eat just about anything though. Wrinkling her nose, she selected a barbeque chicken hot pocket. Reading the package, she followed the directions and then watched it turn as the microwave ran. It was hot, so she quickly dropped it onto the plate.

“Do you know how these work?” She asked the person at the microwave beside her, lifting the pastry thing to her mouth for a small bite. Upon taking a bite, she immediately spit it out onto her plate with a look of disgust and surprise. “hot hot hot!” She cried out. She did not understand how it was so hot. “This did not taste very good at all.” She commented, regretting her choice in food.

  • Behold! The culinary masterpiece known as the Hot Pocket!Professor Liam Ammon, Sat Jan 14 02:14
    It only took half a term, but Liam was finally starting to feel like a real professor, instead of a student teacher. Lesson planning, grading, office hours, and trying to balance some sort of social... more
    • This is the one Muggle thing I know.Jax Donovan, Aladren, Sat Jan 28 13:48
      Having lived somewhat in the Muggle World for the better part of six years, Jax knew some things about it, but not nearly as much as he should. The way that Muggles worked confused and interested him ... more
    • What is this mess??? — Gia Donovan, Pecari, Wed Jan 18 20:02
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