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Making a fool of it...
Wed Jan 18, 2017 20:43

Farrah’s hazel eyes turned to look at one of the older boys who was not Clark and therefore had to be Arne Reinhardt (she was glad that there weren’t a whole lot of people in their group as only Arne and Lauren were unknowns to her but was easy to figure out as she knew everyone else) as he took off with her idea and implied it to the Maoris. She smiled at him because he smiled at her and because she was so happy that he hadn’t shot her idea down or called her stupid for caring about animals at all. “I don’t mind at all.” Farrah said quickly. She had felt a little overwhelmed by all of their Mythical Creatures, so if Arne had more insight to that than she would be happy to work with him.

Clark spoke up next and Farrah had not neglected the smile he had given her when she had first spoken up. Had Arne not stolen her attention from him, she probably would have become rather self-conscious because he was Clark. He was the Captain of Aladren’s Quidditch team, he ran the science club, he was like an adult and he was smiling at her. But he smiled at her again and Farrah was too embarrassed to look anywhere but at her hands while he was speaking.

Her attention went to Kellen as he took over from Clark and she smiled encouragingly at him. She thought mentioning what New Zealand was known for was definitely an important component to their booth because people would want to know why they should care about this country.

After Clark mentioned Hobbits and Kellen mentioned Peter Jackson, the geek part of Farrah flared up immediate and a giant smile popped onto her face, “Oh, that reminds me, my dad heard that we are working on New Zealand so he had me watch Lord of the Rings over break to learn the love of the story and also of the scenery.” Farrah said, turning most of her attention to Kellen since he was her nerd friend, but she also spoke to Clark since he mentioned Hobbits. “By the way Clark, my dad and Aunt Zo know your dad because they were like friends or something when they came here and they asked me to say hello to your dad through you.” Farrah spoke this quickly to him so that she didn’t seem like a total weirdo but also because she wanted to check that off her list of things that she was supposed to do.

Farrah blushed when she finished speaking because she realized that it really wasn’t pertinent to the conversation they were having and she had just wasted their time by talking nonsense. “Sorry, I just was excited when you mentioned the Hobbits and Peter Jackson.” She trailed off for a moment, trying to keep herself from blushing even more so. She had started off so nicely too.

“Er, anyway, I like working together on overlaps though. I think it’ll make the booth come together more smoothly rather than all of us just taking bits of it and hoping it flows right.” She replied, looking at the other girls in the room, feeling immensely grateful that Georgia was there with her too. “So we have creatures, the Maori, the geography, and what New Zealand is known for to everyone else. Did we just want to stick with these topics or did we want to add more like food, or culture or social structure? Or would that be too much?” Farrah asked, looking around to see what others thought. She didn’t mind taking on more than one topic, especially if she was going to be working along with Arne and Clark for some of it.

  • Making the best of it Kellen Mormont, Sat Jan 14 03:04
    Kellen was surprised that Farrah had been the first to speak, but was even more surprised to see how the older boys in their group reacted to her. He knew Farrah was brilliant and had great ideas,... more
    • Making a fool of it... — Farrah, Wed Jan 18 20:43
      • Anything you can do, I can do betterGeorgia, Sat Jan 28 00:50
        Georgia was feeling excited and positive about the fair. Kellen had been nice about her joining their group, and it seemed to be good, and they were all going to do this together as friends. Her... more
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