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Farrah Welsh
Baking for my teeeeam
Thu Jan 19, 2017 15:45

Farrah did not do too much baking at home. Sometimes if her mom was making something, she would offer to help and then she would work alongside her but usually just seemed to end up in her momís way. Her mom didnít mind, of course, but she was a patient woman. Probably because of her career as a Nurse Practitioner. She had to be patient because of her patients. But she liked to teach Farrah how to do things so it was always a fun time up until Corra demanded to be included.

Today it seemed that they would not be baking but rather, making chocolate candy for Valentineís day! Farrah had heard of girls making their sweethearts chocolate before, so she was excited to learn it. Not that she had a sweetheart, of course, but she did have friends and she could totally make them little candy boxes and give them to her friends for fun little Valentineís day gifts! Maybe she could even give them to her New Zealand team as like a celebration of working so well together? (Plus, she would have a reason to give Clark chocolate without it seeming weird, but thatís not why she wanted to make chocolate or anything like thatÖ).

Farrah pulled her long dark hair up into a ponytail and rolled up her sleeves to her sweater (she hadnít known that there was a theme so her outfit wasnít nearly as cute as it could have been and that was a total shame) and started the process of melting the chocolate to fit into the molds. She was very careful to not burn the chocolate while she melted the butter into it and she made sure to double the amounts so that she had plenty to make for everyone (they would be small boxes but everyone needed to have at least five to be fair).

When her molds were done chilling, Farrah pulled them over to the filling station to figure out what it was that people would like the most of. She picked a couple of jams to fill some of the chocolates. After the jams, she filled some caramels, peanut butter, truffles, hazelnut, and coconut into the rest of the chocolates and separated them out evenly for six people (she wanted her own too naturally). After that, she went on to decorate portions of them with various sprinkles and some of the candied glitter. They werenít the prettiest of chocolates, but she thought she had done a lovely job of it just the same and couldnít wait to box them up and give them to her team to have!

It was only after this that she realized there was a chance not all of them actually liked chocolateÖ

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