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Anything you can do, I can do better
Sat Jan 28, 2017 00:50

Georgia was feeling excited and positive about the fair. Kellen had been nice about her joining their group, and it seemed to be good, and they were all going to do this together as friends. Her positive feelings about the project were enhanced by the presence of snacks, and she took a representative sample of what Professor Ammon had provided.

That was about the highlight of the meeting. Her ideas of a nice, gentle friendly project started evaporating quite quickly once the New Zealand group got going. Sure, there were three Aladrens, and perhaps the fact that they had done holiday research shouldn’t have surprised her, but then Arne - one of her fellow Teppenpaws - tipped the balance by saying he had too, and she started feeling woefully under-prepared. She just about knew where New Zealand was on a map, and had only joined this group to be with her friends. She wasn’t even sure she understood some of the things they were talking about. It only got worse as everyone started to talk about branching off into individual projects. For one, she didn’t have an individual project idea, and second, she’d joined this group to spend time with other people, not research New Zealand by herself. Her idea of a presentation was drawing the flag and sticking a few random facts on a bit of coloured paper. This was so out of her league.

“Um,” she piped up, when Farrah asked whether they wanted more topics, “I don’t have another one to add. I mean, I’m happy to help someone with theirs, if they want my help,” she added, trying and failing not to sound as doubtful as she felt about the prospect of that being a desirable option to anyone. “Or I could look for an idea now,” she added. “I… uh, didn’t bring one,” she added apologetically. She had imagined their first meeting would have been a bit more relaxed. Just introductions, maybe things they already knew, or the Professor giving them some ideas, but everyone else seemed to have come with a plan. “If anyone wants a hand, I quite like animals - I mean, we could do the non-mythical ones together,” she added to Farrah, seeing as Arne already seemed to have the other half of that covered, and she hadn’t even been sure at the start of the conversation what a Maori was. It seemed to be the people who lived in New Zealand. She would have guessed they were called New Zealanders, but she supposed that did sound kind of dumb. At least she hadn’t put her foot in it and said something stupid about them though. “Or, um, you said about doing some guy climbing Mount Everest?” she added to Kellen, gravitating towards the other familiar person in the group. And Mount Everest didn’t sound totally boring. At least she’d actually heard of it, although she’d had no idea it was in New Zealand.

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    • Anything you can do, I can do better — Georgia, Sat Jan 28 00:50
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