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Jax Donovan, Aladren
This is the one Muggle thing I know.
Sat Jan 28, 2017 13:48

Having lived somewhat in the Muggle World for the better part of six years, Jax knew some things about it, but not nearly as much as he should. The way that Muggles worked confused and interested him because they seemed to manage perfectly fine on their own. He had to fake his knowledge a lot of the time and thankfully, most people simply wrote his misunderstandings off because he was not from this country and therefore, given liberties to not know a thing or two. It used to bother him quite a bit because they would sometimes treat him as though he were unintelligent rather than someone with different experiences, but after awhile he had learned to use this to his advantage.

His mother, surprisingly, knew the most about the Muggle technology due to her endless waitress jobs where she was forced to learn what she could, but life at home was still very much magical based so that he and his sister were only minimally exposed to it. They had some items in their apartment that they kept around incase any neighbors or the landlord came around to avoid suspicious and they kept a television for when Sammy or any other friend decided to come over (but only Sammy ever came over). Jax hadnít even known what a television did until he had watched it over at Shellyís place. He would have thought that after six years amongst them, Jax would have more of an understanding about their world, but he still knew next to nothing.

Microwaves, however, Jax did know. Shelly ate a lot of meals due to this box and Jax had eaten some with her. They werenít all that great tasting, but Jax was also used to homecooked meals for all meals that he had, so the pocket meals felt artificial. Shelly thought it was rather strange that Jax hadnít ever eaten one before since she knew his mother was a single and worked long hours and not likely to be the one to make them meals. When Jax explained that Gia had picked up on that responsibility, Shelly had been rather surprised and impressed with his sisterís ambitions as she knew that Gia also handmade and hemmed their clothing too. She called his sister a Ďmother hení whatever that meant.

He didnít feel completely out of place with this lesson at least, so when they were told to go ahead and choose what they would like, Jax skipped the actual meals and just went for the desserts. He picked a chocolate chip cookie bake item (who didnít enjoy a good cookie every now and then?) and popped it into the microwave. After a couple of minutes, he could already smell the sweet cookie as it warmed; it made his mouth water. The beep of the machine indicating it was done went off and he quickly pulled it out and dropped it down onto a desk. He noticed someone near him, ďthis is free now, if you want a try.Ē

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    • This is the one Muggle thing I know. — Jax Donovan, Aladren, Sat Jan 28 13:48
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