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Prof. Isis Carter
Stitched together [Charms I-II AND Muggle Studies III-V]
Thu Apr 20, 2017 15:50

Isis had been looking forward to a nice, peaceful year of not having too much to do. If anything, she had been expecting to be a bit bored. That plan had quickly gone out the window. While it was always sad to see other staff members go, she couldn’t say she knew Liam Ammon very well, but she was pretty excited to get to cover Muggle Studies, which was the position at Sonora she had initially wanted. It was an elective, but she stepped in to make sure it kept running. It was only two age groups, each twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays), so even then she had quite a bit of free time.

But then Edward Perrault left, too, and - as far as she knew,although she obviously wasn’t privy to the whole story - fairly suddenly at that, which meant she was covering Charms as well. At least Rory volunteered to help out and cover some, but overall, she was rather busy now, with five separate classes to prepare for. And Charms was every day.

The Beginners Charms class overlapped in time with the Intermediate Muggle Studies class, which was the main issue she found. The worst otherwise was about a fifteen minute overlay, which was easy because she could just let the first class out early or tell the second that they’d be starting late, but Beginners Charms, the shorter of the two, took place entirely within the Intermediate Muggle Studies timeslot.

She coped with these in a variance of ways, asking someone who was free that period to take one or the other for a day or just cancelling one or the other. But on very rare occasion, as the case was for today, Isis did the unimaginable: she combined.

Both classes were told to meet in the Muggle Studies classroom on this particular Tuesday morning. They were going with the shorter Charms slot (beginning at 8:00am as opposed to the scheduled 7:00am of Muggle Studies) just because she couldn’t keep the first and second years longer than their scheduled class based on their packed schedules and found it stupid to have the younger ones show up and then leave while the older ones worked. And anyway, she thought the Intermediate Muggle Studies kids might enjoy the extra hour of sleep.

There were scraps of fabrics and things across the desks when the students arrived, and she greeted her oddest conglomeration of students with a smile. “Alright, let’s get down to business,” she said after a couple minutes had passed. Isis had never been one for strict timeliness, and she especially wasn’t going to enforce it in light of this weirdness. “I’d like everyone to partner up with someone from the other class. That is, Charms kids, make sure you’re with Muggle Studies kids. Three in a group is fine if the numbers don’t work out great as long as you’ve got at least one from both classes.”

Once that was done and any seat-trading needed had been accomplished, she continued. “Muggle Studies kids, as you’ll remember, we’ve been working on sewing by hand. Today we’re putting that into practice and making something. Whatever you’d like to make from your materials is fine with me. There are patterns on the counter over there.” She gave a gesture to the appropriate counter, which had patterns for anything from blankets to t-shirts and everything in between. “But you’ll notice that among your supplies, there are no scissors.

Charms kids,” Isis redirected, “you’ve been covering the severing charm. Can someone remind me what the incantation for that is?” Once the correct answer had been given - Diffindo - was given, she went on. “Great. And as we know, the severing charm cuts the target very precisely. Now is your chance to put our reading and discussion into practice, because you’re going to be acting as your partner’s scissors.”

“Remember to be careful with that, of course,” she cautioned. The severing charm could sever just about anything if they weren’t diligent in their aiming. “Muggle Studies kids: no magic on your part, of course, but try to avoid stabbing yourselves with the sewing needles. I have thimbles on the counter too if you need one. Go ahead and get started.”

OOC: Information on the severing charm can be found here for anyone who wants it. Have fun!

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