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Zevalyn Ives
Hello, my Peers
Wed May 3, 2017 09:57

Zevalyn was kind of excited about today's charms class. She'd been having trouble really getting into the subject, what with the normal professor leaving only a few weeks into the term, and the substitute holding abbreviated classes as often as she had them at all, or trading off with other professors to cover the teacherless core subject.

Which wasn't to say she didn't see the value in Charms as a class; Charms themselves had obvious and important place in magical society, and she enjoyed reading about them and learning them on her own and in the Academic Help group meetings, but the class syllabus was only a shadow of its original form and the inconsistent teachers left her dreading the class and wishing she could just take the period in the library, reading up on it on her own.

Today, however, was different. Today they were meeting in the Muggle Studies Room with some of the intermediates. To Zevalyn, this was an exciting opportunity to work with the people she should have been learning with everyday, had she started when she was supposed to, the people she was working extra hard to rejoin by skipping out on extracurriculars in favor of studying ahead to skip her second year in beginner classes.

"Hi," she greeted someone closer to her own age of fourteen than most of those in her beginner lessons. "Do you need a pair of magical human scissors?" The severing charm was not new to Zevalyn, as it had been introduced to her in previous Charms lessons. She'd already done her extra reading on it and practiced it on her own (in related news, she'd gotten to meet the nurse, too, and determined that was not an experience she wished to repeat) until she was confident in her ability with the spell. She anticipated no trouble with cutting some fabric today. "I've be practicing, so don't feel you need to keep to simple cutout shapes on my account."

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    • Hello, my Peers — Zevalyn Ives, Wed May 3 09:57
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